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Ancient Celts

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These models are suitable for use as most European Celts, and were sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry. 

The British Celts were closely related to the Continental Celts, and it was reported that certain tribes and clans could be found on both sides of the Channel. This led to British support for their Continental brethren during the wars with Julius Caesar which, unfortunately, brought the Britons to the attention of Rome.

Consequently in 55 BC Caesar led an expedition in force to reconnoitre the south east corner of Britain. However, nearly 90 years elapsed before a major invasion force of four Legions plus auxiliaries was landed in 43 AD, led by Aulus Plautius. The subjugation of Britain was completed by 75 AD.

The Britons fought valiantly and with ingenuity, but apart from the early stages of the revolt led by Boudicca in 61 AD they proved unable to withstand Roman military might in open battle.

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