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CB001 - Celtic Personalities

CB001 - Celtic Personalities


From left to right: Caractacus, Togodumnus, Cartimandua, Venutius.

Togodumnus led the initial resistance to the Roman invasion, only to lose his life in the first year of the war.

Caractacus was chief of the Catuvellauni and fought the Roman invaders until driven into south Wales, from where he launched raids until his eventual defeat at Caer Caradoc. He then sought refuge with Cartimandua, queen of the Brigantes, but she handed him over to the Romans; she was married to king Venutius, who she deposed in favour of his armour bearer Vellocatus.

Cartimandua then made the Brigantes clients of the Romans. During a period of chaos in 69 AD as four rivals struggled for the Imperial throne, Venutius struck back at his ex wife and regained control over the Brigantes until he was finally ousted in 71 AD and the whole happy family disappear from history.

7 miniatures. Supplied unpainted.

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