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European Bronze Age - Scandanavia & North West Europe 1600-BC

Early Celts and Teutons inhabiting Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Low countries, Britain, Ireland, France and Iberia, with similar cultures in Italy and Balkans. Britain was probably known as Albion at this time, otherwise tribes and kingdoms remain unknown. Greeks knew of these peoples as Hypoboreans and said they were sun worshippers.

The Bronze Age Europeans fought against each other in tribal and clan wars. Balkan tribes may have encountered Mycenaeans, while British and Iberian tribes may even have encountered Phoenicians. Iberian, Italic and Balkan tribes may have been raided by Sea Peoples. Western and Northern tribes probably encountered Scythian invaders from the East and Greek merchants from 700 BC onwards.

Sculpted by Michael Perry. Click here for more historical information and a quick painting guide by Nigel Stillman.

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