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European Bronze Age - Scandanavia & North West Europe 1600-BC

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Army Organisation - Weapon hoards from bogs indicate warbands of 50 men. Probably a single clan contingent or crews of raiding ships.

Typical Allies & Mercenaries - More primitive Neolithic style tribes from remote areas, horsemen from Eurasian steppes, Phoenician traders.

Best Troops - Well armed Heroic warrior chiefs with the most advanced bronze armour and weapons of the period.

Terrain - Homeland; wooded plains and hills. Coasts and fens.

Hypothetical Encounters - Bronze Age Northerners vs Phoenicians, Mycenaeans or Scythians. Bronze Age tribes vs early Iron Age Celts or Greek Hoplites.




Skin tones - European complexion, blond, red or dark hair. Celtic style woad body painting was probably practiced.

Clothing - Rough woollen cloth in natural colours; white, brown, black. Plenty of leather.

Weapons & Armour - Bronze. Some sheet metal armour and helmets. Leather armour in same styles.

Shields - Leather bucklers with bronze studs and bosses arranged in concentric rings.

Chariots - Frames covered by leather similar to Mycenaean types.

Horses - Like wild ponies of Europe and Celtic horses.

Standards - Gilded bronze sun disks and similar totems.

Bases - Green meadow grassland with occasional rocks and tufts of grass or heather.

Text by Nigel Stillman.



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