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Missing Marlburians, Renaissance, Darkest Africa...


Missing Marlburian Packs

We have been spending the last couple of months recovering missing packs and models from our ranges, this time it's our Marlburians (War of the Spanish Succession, Great Northern War). 8 packs have now reappeared on our website pages, including casualties and The Duke of Marlborough with footmen.


The pack numbers are:  MB065 - The Duke of Marlborough, MB066 - Dismounted Dragoons Advancing, MB067 - Russian Dragoons, MB068 - Russian Horse Grenadiers, MB069 - Dragoon in Tricornes, MB070 - French Dragoons, MB071 - Infantry Casualties, MB072 - Infantry Informal Tricornes Loading.


Renaissance Guns

Our two Renaissance guns, RENG001 and RENG002 are now available to purchase individually, rather than in sets with gunners.


Darkest Africa Packs

We also recently added 9 unique pack combinations to our website in our Darkest Africa range, including Big Game Hunt and Stanley's Search For Livingstone.  

The pack numbers are DA037 - Belgian Askaris, DA076 - African Tribal Warriors, DA106 - Azande Muskets, DA107 - Azande Warriors 4, DA122 - Stanley's Search For Livingstone (below), DA123 - The African Adventure, DA125 - Zealous Zanzibari Guards, DA126 - Big Game Hunt (above), DA128 - Big Game Hunt.

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