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Missing Germanic Tribes Packs, Viking Models Added & Price Change

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Missing Germanic Tribes Packs

Over the last few months we have been sorting through our enormous catalogue of moulds to recover missing packs and models from our ranges. The first of many changes are to our Ancient Germanics, which now includes Archers, Casualties and a Command pack. Not to mention that 13 of our standard packs have increased from 6 to 8 models.

"We are very lucky to have some first-hand commentaries about the Germans from their initial contacts with the Romans and these appear to be borne out by archaeological evidence as accurate. From these commentaries we can build up a picture of the complex tribal society that was in place between the 1st century BC and the mid-3rd Century AD before the influences of Roman ‘civilisation’ took hold."

For the full article by Adrian Garbett: 'THE EARLY GERMANS: Wild Tribes of the North' visit the blog section on our website, which is full of historical information and helpful guides.

Models Added To Viking Packs

As well as the additions to our Ancient Germans, a large portion of our Vikings have increased from 6 to 8 model packs.

To compliment this we have also added a new blog post which contains information on the history of The Vikings: FURY OF THE NORTHMEN.

"The Viking Myth: If you read popular histories of the Scandinavians it is easy to assume that one-day in 790AD a new phenomenon was unleashed upon Christendom in the form of a sea-borne raid by Northern Barbarians upon a settled shore. This, however, could not be further from the truth." 

Putting an army together? We have pre-made 3 and 4 point warbands for our Vikings, Normans and Saxons - all suitable for SAGA.

Price Change

To reflect these changes in pack contents as well as the ever changing rise in the cost of raw materials we will be implementing our first price rise in over 7 years to our Vikings, Normans, Saxons and Ancient Germans in one week on October 28th 2019, before a site wide change in the near future. 

This gives you one week to get these new and increased packs for the same price as the old 6 figure packs!

Most of our standard 6 figure packs will stay the same at £12, our 8 figure packs will increase to £16 and 3 Model Cavalry packs to £15.

PS. The packaging for our new box sets (Alice White & Dwarfs, Dwarf Handlers & Bear, Ex Citadel Warriors & Warlords and Ninja) have arrived early and are now ready to ship!

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Thanks for reading - Maria

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