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Mitanni (Hurrians), Syrians, Canaanites and Hyskos 1500BC - 1000BC

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Hurrian chariot warrior aristocracy (Maryannu) dominated the city states of Syria and Canaan. Some of these, the Hyksos, invaded Egypt. Later, the Hurrians formed the powerful Mitannian Empire in Syria and North Mesopotamia which fought resurgent Egypt for control of the region and ruled Assyria for a time. The Canaanites with Mitannian allies fought the Egyptians at Megiddo. The Hittites defeated Syrians and Hurrians and incorporated them into their empire as vassal kingdoms. The Canaanites fought against the Habiru tribes (Hebrews) until the Hebrews succeeded in carving out a kingdom in Canaan.


The Hyksos fought Egypt, as did the Canaanites, Syrians and Hurrians. They also fought against and later allied with the Hittites. Hurrians fought against Assyria. There was constant fighting among the kingdoms as well as against the Habiru and desert nomads and against Sea Peoples raiders.

Sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry. 


Units of 50, 200, 600 & 1000 men. Contingents were drawn from vassal or allied kingdoms.

Best Troops - Excellent chariotry. Phoenicians had an excellent fleet.

Typical Allies & Mercenaries - Habiru, Amorites, Sea Peoples.

Terrain - Homeland; plains, steppes and forested highlands. Invaded Syrian desert, Canaanite highlands, Anatolian plateau and Mesopotamian plains.

Hypothetical Encounters - Mitanni vs Kassite Babylonia. Phoenicians vs Mycenaeans /Minoans anywhere in Mediterranean, Hyksos vs Minoans.



Skin tones - Arab complexion, dark hair. Hurrians; caucasian looks.

Clothing - White linen/woollen robes heavily patterned. Tyrian crimson.

Weapons & Armour - Bronze. Scale armour in wide variety of styles.

Shields - Leather bucklers with bronze studs arranged in patterns.

Chariots - Frames covered by leather scale armour, probably painted.

Horses - Black, chestnut, bay, grey. Some leather scale armour bards.

Standards - Gilded bronze with coloured streamers.

Bases - Desert, grassland or steppe with tufts of coarse grass and stones.

Text by Nigel Stillman


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